Anna Chiatti

Combination of art and science, research and innovation, without sacrificing elegance and personality.

These are the main features of the Anna Chiatti brand, which introduces its products to the international fashion scene by focusing on the sophisticated cultural identity of the designer and the originality of the materials.


Born in Florence, throughout her education Anna Chiatti comes in contact with the aesthetic suggestions offered by the city and creating a very high-quality design products: a ten years experience as a model maker in some of the finest Tuscan footwear companies makes her technical knowledge to add value to artistic and creative skills.


A comprehensive professionalism for a designer engaged in experimenting with new elements that combine the functional aspects of a perfect fit with the class and style of fashion, of course feminine and careful to details. To embellish the Anna Chiatti products are not only the choice of high quality raw materials and the excellent craftsmanship, but the use of a rubber outsole, a semi-transparent TPU that makes shoes extremely comfortable, is satin-finished and, backlit, produces a refined colorful iridescent hues.

The contemporary design is polished and it traces a logical thread throughout the collection which, in its various forms, accompanies the woman who wants to stand out and seizes every opportunity.

First, because Anna Chiatti is a lively and determined woman, ready to share desires, aspirations and sense of freedom through her creations.